Homeowners and Non-Professionals

Finding a place to rent a sewer camera depends on your location. It's not really practical to have a sewer camera rental shipped. The risks involved with shipping such expensive equipment would make renting a sewer inspection camera a very costly option.

Chances are if you are thinking about renting a sewer camera, you are not a professional plumber and should think twice about getting involved in a drain or sewer DIY inspection project. A sewer line camera should only be handled by a professional that has the experience in using such specialized equipment.

In addition, some local and state regulations may only allow licensed plumbers or sewer contractors to perform certain inspections or repairs.

When you consider the cost of a sewer camera rental and the risks involved, it only makes sense to leave it to the professionals. With a professional performing the sewer camera inspection, you should expect the proper diagnosis of a drain or sewer line problem. That same professional plumber will likely also be able to handle whatever the repair involves.

Plumbing Contractors

The cost of buying a new sewer camera can be overwhelming for a start up plumbing company or any plumbing company that finds itself in a cash flow bind. Fortunately, there may be some other options including leasing or buying a used sewer camera.

There are obvious risks with buying a used sewer camera and those risks can result in thousands of dollars spent beyond the bargain you though you got. Most plumbers that are curious about renting a sewer camera eventually realize it makes much more sense to just buy a new one. Over the long run, the real bargain is putting it to work and taking good care of such valuable equipment.

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If you still want to rent a sewer camera, here are a few places that may rent out sewer cameras in your area: